Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dilemma Update

It's been a smoking week, mostly at Ambassador Fine Cigars in Scottsdale.  They make it easy to find the Cigars on the Cigar Afficionado top 25.  This is the #2 La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor.  I forgot how much I enjoy box pressed cigars.

This was a funny little story, there we were sitting in the lounge, the place was packed and everyone  is pretty much smoking something off the Cigar Afficionado top 25 cause well thats how we roll.

Here is an actual transcript of a conversation that I had with a Rob

Me: "So what are your thoughts on the top 25 so far?"

Rob:  "I developed my own rating system. ++ I'm buying a box, + I'm buying a couple of singles - I can take it or leave it -- not going to smoke it is again  Basically I like some, mostly + , some are OK mostly -, some I dont like, those are the --  but man that Camacho at #24 (Camacho Corojo Figurado) I cant even rate in fact  I cant even be in the room with anyone who is smoking that.  what are you smoking"

Me: "The Camacho Corojo Figurado at #24"

Rob:  "Hmmm"

Fast Forward 20 Minutes

Me:  "Rob you're still here."

Rob: "I know..."

I love this cigar, should have ranked higher...

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