Monday, December 31, 2012

My Final Post for 2012

I smoked a lot cigars this year...and I am actually working on a list if the Top 10 (maybe Top 25) of the Cigars that I enjoyed in 2012. There is more activity to be posted not to mention adding to my written Journal the last few bands and notes from the cigars I smoked in December.

One of the first smokes I had when we returned from Maul, was the Graycliff Crystal PG, which I paired with a Big Wave Ale, from the Kona Brewing Compnay.  The Graycliff line is relatively expensive, $20 or so per stick, this particular stick was part of a Groupon promotion, $100 worth of Cigars for $45)  that I was aloud to purchase without purchasing the actual Groupon.  The nice thing about this Groupon is the Cigars were well aged, some 10 years or more.

New releases, I like trying new releases, however on occasion they let you down.  This was the case with the Foundry, General Cigar Co's, attempt at creating a "Boutique Cigar"  The metal gear on the band is interesting but I think the weight contributes to construction issues that I, and many others, have experienced with this cigar (see second photo). This is the 6 x 50 or "Wells" which is its given name...

This A Torrent Puro Corojo Robusto is rich in flavor and complexity....

How about the age on this here Avo Signature Robusto...

Sunday is for football, which requires a bit of a longer smoke, here is the Jose Seijas Signature Series Belicoso.  This cigar was very well received in 2005 and 2006, having Cigar Insider named Seijas Signature Series the best cigar made in the Dominican Republic in its December 2005 issue. Cigar Aficionado chose Seijas Signature Series as one of the 10 best cigars of 2006, and Robb Report included it among its Best of the Best!

Due to a heavy travel schedule I missed the West Valley Cigar Club dinner this year.  Churchill's Fine Cigars in Glendale held a private tasting for 21 members (as that is the number of cigars in a box) of the Papacayo XXL, a lovely little 6 x 60, and thanks again Chet for providing the Yuengling.

Until some Brothers of the Leaf got together and sent a friend who was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer I never tried a Xikar HC Series Cigar.  That sounds odd but here's the back story a few weeks back a  few of us, who connected on #Twitter, chipped in $10 to purchase a pick me up gift for Scott.  When Xikar got wind of this, they donated to our cause a Xikar Lighter, we in turn sent him  Xikar Cigars and Visa Gift Card.  

Below is the Xikar HC Series's to Scott's nuts!


Did you know Tesla has a dealership in Scottsdale, AZ? Yup that's right it's in a Mall!

I think I am one of the few that actually enjoy the Zino Platinum lines, I haven't had a bad cigar from this line
This is the 643C ( or 6 x 43 Corona)...Now if only I could procure the Zino Mobile lounge to chauffeur me around for interviews that would be awesome.

Great Cigar from Gurkha, I believe it is one of the Master Select's that has been sitting in the humidor of Ambassador Fine Cigars for a long time.and yes that's a v-cut!

So 12/21/12 was supposedly the end of days, in fact I learned that the time that this was to occur was 11:11am.  So I arrived at Portofino's Fine Cigars at 11am and lit up an Illusione 68.  The world did not end, but damn I enjoyed this cigar.

All I want for Christmas

I got neither...

I've been getting some flack about not visiting my old friends at the Scottsdale Location of Ambassador Fine Cigars, so I made an appearance to spread my Christmas Cheer.  Here is the 2012 Holiday Edition Cigar from Viaje, the Candy Cane. AKA a Barbershop Pole Cigar.  This Cigar comes in one size a 6 x 54 and has closed foot and has been described as an entertaining cigar.

Illusione has become one of my is the Illusione mj12 which to me is a stellar cigar in Construction, Appearance, Flavors and Price!

This had all the makings of a disaster! I carefully selected this cigar from my humidor, walked outside to side smoke and damn near walked through the glass arcadia door! the Cigar was the first thing to make contact with the door! It smoked great with really no other issues other than my own stupidity.

Romeo y Julieta used to be my go to smoke. Since Grady Watson told me I wasn't aloud to smoke any more of these I really haven't smoked any of them, then when LJ arrived it was on! On liker Donkey Kong.  Here is the Romeo y Juliets 1875 Anniversario Robusto (5 x 52)

This year I have a few Cusano's none of which blew my socks off.  This one different the Cusano 10th Anniversary.  As I understand it Michael Chiusano hoped to mimic the blend of the Montecristo #4 Habano, and apparently he got damn close!

So that's it another year in the books.  I'll close the book with my top 25 cigars that I smoked in 2012.  There is no particular order to My Top 25

  • Cuenca y Blanco 
  • Ortego Series D Maduro
  • La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva
  • CLE Corojo
  • San Lotano Oval Maduro 
  • My Fathers Flor de las Antillas
  • Emilio AF-1 
  • Tatuaje Cojonu 2012
  • Nat Sherman Timeless Collection Hermoso
  • Four Kicks Selection #5
  • Tatuaje Old Man & the C (2012)
  • Aging Room F55
  • Aging Room Havao
  • Tatuaje TAA 2012
  • L'Atelier LAT52
  • El Suelo Prado Belicoso
  • Asylum Premium Torpedo
  • Trocadero Cambon
  • Perdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro
  • 262 Revere Toro
  • CAO Concert
  • Room 101 Daruma Mutante
  • Crowned Heads Headley Grange 
  • San Cristobal Papacayo XXL
  • La Duena Belicoso #2 
Onto 2013....

Monday, December 3, 2012

Back to Life Back to Reality

One final pic from the Island of Maui. Last Tuesday  my wife and I talked about what will happen since I am unemployed, uh semi retired, will we relocate and if so where will we relocate to.  This contemplation occurred while sitting on Wailea Beach as I enjoyed the Big Kahuna Maduro.

Back to the topic at hand; events are in full swing this month in Phoenix and last Friday was no exception. Ambassador Fine Cigars in Peoria held a Villiger Cigar Event.  This is an interesting cigar company as they are based in Switzerland.  Several years ago I remember having one of their 1888 at an event at Ye Olde Pipe and Tobacco, it was OK.

This year Villiger added two new cigars to their lines the Villiger Talanga, and the Villiger Colorado which is a  wrapped in Jalapa Colorado leaf...I was surprised, then again both cigars are manufactured in Nicaragua. I enjoyed one of the Villiger Colorado's. It was a nice medium-full bodied cigars, that drew evenly, burned fairly evenly and did not require a single touch up or relight.

Since I had my first Four-Kicks, from Crowned Heads, earlier this year i have been waiting to try the Headley Grange. Which is named after the recording studio where Led Zeppelin recorded the song "When the Levee Breaks." The Cigars are part of a collaboration Ernesto Perez Carrillo, Jr., and Tabacalera La Aliana SA., Next up from the Crowned Heads will be the Limited Edition Mule Kick.

It is never OK to wear a Cowboy Hat (a Black One at that too) and Deck Shoes.  I don't care who you are...Eric., crap like that will get you hung in Texas.  Oh by the way the Cigar is a Nat Sherman Timeless Collection #2.  Love this Cigar, Love it.

Finally, Several months ago I was given a very special limited edition Romeo y Julieta 125th Anniversary Churchill.  Part of the 1875 Collection this particular cigar had been sitting in my friend Rob's humidor for 12 years.  The cigar is a blend of Peruvian, Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers with an Ecuadorian wrapper and a broad-leaf binder.  I had saved this Cigar for a very special occasion, the birth of our first grandchild, LJ. 

John Stephen Sutto IV
AKA Little John or L.J for Short