Friday, August 17, 2012

When I Finish this Cigar

I really enjoyed the time spent with Stephen when he was home on leave.  We shared a "Step" Father/Son moment.  Stephen remarked that he had never had a "real cigar", other than a (cough cough weeze, weeze) Black & Mild.  So I went into my humidor cut and toasted a Perdomo Exhibicion for him while I had a Gurkha Ninja Knife. 

What Immediately ensued was the complaining, by his pregnant wife, about the smell of cigar smoke.  

So I promised that, before his leave was over, I would take him to a lounge where we could enjoy a cigar in peace.  We headed up to Fine Ash Cigars, I cut and lit a Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne for Stephen and I enjoyed a Tatuaje Capa Especial. 

Upon leaving Fine Ash, Stephen asked a question; "Are Acid's any Good?"  he is damn lucky I didn't post that to the facebook page "Serious Silly Sh*t Said in the Cigar Lounge!"  or Did I

Bonding with your (step) Son over a Cigar $14.93;  recieving text's from your respective wives say "It's time to come home, Now!"  $adness;  Being doused by Fabreeze when you walk in the door.  $Priceless

Earlier this week, I decided to return some emails and phone call over a cigar at Cigar King in Scottsdale.  Brandon pointed me in the direction the Cigar King Gold Series Lancero.

Mitchell Hirsch, the proprietor of Cigar King, works with several manufacturers to produce some very exciting brands that are exclusive to Cigar King.  Brandon explained to me that Willie Herrera (now with Drew Estate)  created this blend, for Cigar King, 5 years ago.

This was an enjoyable medium to full bodied cigar., that is not overpowering. The best part is the price point $5.95 per stick!

In recent weeks, when short on time and not wanting to spend a whole lot of money on cigar, I've picked up the Padron 2000.  In my humble opinion this cigar is an excellent value cigar.  The retail price on this cigar was $4.95 per stick

Last night we had, hopefully our last indoor meeting, of the West Valley Cigar Club.  Due to triple digit temperatures, we have had our events at Fine Ash Cigars in Avondale, Ambassador Fine Cigars-West in Peoria, and last night Fair Oaks Cigar in Peoria was our host.

This Ashton Cabinet paired very well my Yuengling Lager!
Thank's Again Chet, it is much appreciated!


Monday, August 13, 2012

It's All About the Family

With Rhea's recent illness, with the help of the Red Cross, Stephen was able to get leave to be with his Momma. Currently Stationed at Fort Riley, KS.  He has been a big help, spending long nights in the hospital with Rhea, watching movies with her.  Sunday we had both boys home, Sierra, Zayne (aka Z-Man) and Rhea's Mom, who has also been here since these episodes began.

Yesterday was about Lego's, BBQ, hose fights, and a Step Father Step Son smoking a cigar.

Here is Stephen, Ryan, Sierra, and Rhea playing with Lego's.  There is one this missing from this photo,  Z-Man.  He was taking his afternoon nap. 

 Ribs, Burgers, Nathan's Hot Dogs, Corn on the Cob, and Baked Beans were the meal of the day.

In the interest of Z-man's dignity there were no pictures taken of this future super-hero running around in swim diaper. 

This morning, I start the next phase of my career with 1013 Communications/AZ Interactive Media Group, publishers of the East Valley Tribune,  Ahwatukee Foothills News, The Daily News-Sun, Surprise Today, the Northwest Valley Newsa and The Tucson Explorer.  I will be part of the AZ Interactive Media Group publishers of Clipper Marketplace and U and Your Home Magazine.

Let the adventure begin...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to Our Regular Programming

Let's see last week we survived my wife suffering thru four TIA's or Mini-Strokes, we survived the loss of my job at the Arizona Repugnant, um Republic.  But all is right with the world,  I start my new job Monday.

Meet Ted, errrr Kevin.  Kevin is a get well gift from Rhea's boss Ted and the rest of the Team at AZ Interactive Media Group/Clipper Marketplace.  Coincently Ted is also my new boss.  And I am looking forward to what lies ahead.   Ted visited Rhea every day she was in the hospital and it is a great feeling to know you are working for a company that really cares about it's employees.

Ted is a huge fan the Berger & Argenti Entubar, He love the full bodied flavors that this cigar offers. He chose to pair with a Corona.

Ted left us last week to move to Kansas with his new Thunder Buddy Zayne (AKA Z-Man the Super Hero)

One final note on Rhea illness.  The cigar community has been awesome, I can't tell you how many calls, text messages, emails, Tweets, Direct Messages I received but on Friday I remarked to Rhea that "You have people that you have never even met wanting to know if we need anything to just ask.  If you need someone to sit with your wife just call  me, my wife does nothing all day. She'll be glad to sit with Rhea."

 It did not go unnoticed and it is very much appreciated.  Thanks to, fellow Penn Staters Chris and Jim,  Eric, Sam & Rosie, Vartan, Nick, Shelley, Jim, Joe, Juan, Prof., Del, Ron, Garo, Brandon and "Uncle" Michael.  You have no idea what your friendship means to me, um us.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts 
Last week after seeing a tweet from Jose Blanco about smoking a Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie Lancero I decided to pick one up.  Jose is one of my favorite people in the cigar world.  Like the Perdomo's he interacts with his customers and if you ever spend any time with him  in person, you'll see what I mean.   While I couldn't get the Lancero I did enjoy the Corona.  Now I am waiting patiently for Jose's new blend the Cuenca Y Blanco. Any Day Now, Any Day!
Brandon Puckett, from Cigar King, knows that I was the bonehead who came up with whole Maduro Monday, Toro Tuesday and Yada Yada Yada so last week when I walked into the humidor he says; Maduro Monday Right?  He had me try the new Master Maduro from Torano.  He was right! this Cigar does NOT disappoint.  Torano uses a habano maduro wrapper and the cigar is  medium in strength but full of flavor. It's a flavorful blend that has complex balance of sweet & spicy notes with a rich finish.
We all know that cigar shops often  have the own house blend.  In my humble opinion these are often compared to well know lines but never measure up to what they are compared to.

The best house cigar I have ever  had comes from Ambassador Fine Cigars in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Vartan Zoravar was blended by Henrik Kelner who is the head blender for Davidoff and both cigar's consist of five year aged tobacco and are rolled in the Davidoff Factory in the Dominican Republic. 

This week I treated myself to the both of the blends in the line.

If you are ever in  Scottsdale, or Peoria,  Arizona you owe it to yourself to stop by Ambassador Fine Cigars and try this magnificent cigar.

Also Congratulations to Vartan on being named a Davidoff Golden Band Award Winner.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Becoming An Episode on House

Its been a bad week probably the worst week of our life together. Earlier this week I received a call from my wife saying she was being taken to the hospital for she was having a stroke.
Realize Rhea is ONLY 45! The doctors, at West Valley Hospital, administered a TPA or clot buster which works to prevent permanent damages. Rhea has since had three (3) more TIA's or mini-strokes. The Doctors are having a hard time figuring out where or what is causing these episodes, which why this post is titled Becoming an Episode on House. Now it is just a waiting game and on Monday we should have the answers we are looking for. Please keep my wife Rhea in your thoughts and prayers.