Sunday, April 29, 2012


is for racing, Road Racing that is.  I had breakfast with IndyCar from Brazil, then headed over to Miami for the Rolex Series Race,  and Now I'm in New Zealand with Australian V8 SuperCars. I can't wait  to see these guys when they race at the Circuit of the Americas, in Austin TX, in November when F1 returns to the States.

This past week was the week that was. The week culminated with the Grand Opening of Ambassador Fine Cigars West Valley location.
I was glad to see such a robust turnout for the festivities. 

I hate having to make choices but as we live in a Democratic Society the right to choose is one of our God given rights.

This is what remains of a La Sirena, the initial draw of this cigar was a bit tight. This was not any fault of the cigar, but the inability of the operator to properly cut the cigar!

According to the fine folks at Miami Cigar Company, the company behind this cigar,  there is supposed to be new blend coming in July.  Now I have something to look forward to!

Now for the rant...The Hookah King (Ryan) came home this weekend and brought his Hookah...I don't get it, The stuff just stinks! It smells absolutely horrid, And no matter what you call it, the shisha  (a combination of  tobacco and fruit or vegetable ), is smoked out of a water pipe or what we use to call a bong!  AND No I dont want to try it

Now in the styling of long-time Yankee Stadium announcer the late Bob Sheppard; "Now Smoking (Batting)  the Next Cigar (ShortStop), #2 Torano Vault (Derek Jeter),  #2.

I leave you with this poem...

Twas the week before my birthday, three days before furlough...

Have a smoking Sunday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Whoops the Orphaned Cigar

I knew I was missing one!

The Room 101, Serie SA (San Andreas) Robusto.  It was interesting to compare notes with Patrick Lagreid.  Patrick writes about cigars in the Phoenix Edition of In a nutshell  Patrick is the go to source for cigar events in the PHX, and ah hell lets just say that he knows his stuff .

This particular stick, needs some time in the humidor, it is earthy and would really pair well with a Pinot Noir. Morgan or Witness Tree come to mind!

PS follow Patrick on  Twitter @PHXCigarGuy and while you're at it  follow me too @JRWeigand

The Week that Was

Here's a rundown, we'll call this 4 cigars, a baseball game, and a funeral;  whoops I meant wedding.

My love affair continues with Tatuaje, this is  the Copa Especial. I also found out that Pete Johnson, the man behind the Tatuaje brand, will make a one off appearance in the PHX on May 11th at Ambassador Fine Cigars West Valley location.  I am going to try my damnedest to make an appearance at this event, but a High School Graduation/Award Ceremony will in all likelihood preclude me from attending. Family comes first, ALWAYS.
Last week at the La Flora Dominicana event at Fine Ash Cigars in Avondale I picked up several La Flora Dominicana Cigars in various sizes and blends.  This is the LFD Air Bender. that I paired with a Napa Valley Cabernet.  The earthiness of the Cabernet paired very well with this cigar
Been meaning to try one these for the longest time, The Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial,  by My Father Cigar.  This was a fantastic cigar that was aged to perfection, dark and oily ! A mid afternoon smoke, I paired this with a Tall Hot Blonde (roast) from Starbucks...
Earlier today, I enjoyed a Ortega Serie D #10.  This is new to the humidor at Ambassador Fine Cigars in Scottsdale.  Really Nice Smoke, However I think this one needs some time in the humidor. This cigar is going to become a favorite of mine for another reason.  We are a Military Family and I discovered that the Ortega Cigar Company honors our American Heroes by donating 50% of the profits generated from the sales of THE BROTHERHOOD line of cigars to those who may be affected by a Soldiers departure. Thank You Eddie, We appreciate this!
The baseball game. Wednesday  I had the opportunity to host clients in our suite at Chase Field.  As the host, I get two tickets. I took the Arizona Diamondbacks #1 fan my mother to the game. We call this, Living the Suite Life! 

Ah, the Funeral uh wedding....Wednesday, my Step-Son , Stephen, and Sierra were married in a small civil ceremony in Ft. Riley, KS.  Stephen some valuable advice.  "Sometime's it's just easier to close your eye's. bow your head, and mumble 'Yes Dear.' "  Welcome to our Family Sierra, and Z-man

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Moving will kill you or make you want to kill someone

So in a little more than a week, 10 days or so I guess, Mom will officially move out of what was her and Dads retirement home. Dad always said they'd live in this house for 10 yrs and then downsize. Mom waited 11 yrs.  Yesterday there were 6 of us packing boxes and moving them two blocks to the rental property that she will live in until the new home is built. Whoa then there's the realization in 4 months we will be doing this ALL Over again.

I guess we got home about 7 or so at which point I decide to reflect on the days events with Quesada Q D'├ętat Molotov which I paired with a Negra Modelo, a full bodied cigar with lots of spice.
Started out great but then we got a runner! OK you can probably blame that on operator error or ADD since I was watching the coyotes game! Which is the definition of pure frustration.  The Coyotes NOT the Cigar!

Earth Day On the Hillbilly Hilton

So it Earth Day and in a somewhat supportive effort to support the cause I went green with today's smoke, The La Flora Dominicana Double Claro! I paired this with a Red Stripe Jamaican Lager which, because I am a Rebel, I chose not to recycle the bottle!

Friday, April 20, 2012

3 Cigar Events in 4 Hours

What a crazy day, there are 10 Cigar events in the PHX today and tomorrow. There were 6 of them today alone and I managed to get to three of them. The event got underway at 3pm and was at Cigar King, this is one small corner of their humidor. 

Brought to you by our friends at Swag and Aging Room Cigars. 

At this event I decided to try something I never had before The Swag Lavish Puro Dominico. A rather nice smoke all around

The Second event I managed to attend was clear on the other side of town at Ambassador Fine Cigars. Vartan is a good friend and I wanted to support the first event at the new store.  VegaFina  hosted this event. I learned today that the VegaFina is the No. 1 selling, Non Cuban, Cigar in Spain. I am looking forward to his Grand Opening Event next Saturday!

The Third and final event for me was the La Flora Dominicana (LFD) event at Fine Ash Cigar.  Here's the best part, I hit this one up on way to the store!  They do treat the members of the West Valley Cigar Club very very very well!

 So here is what I ended up with after 3 events in 4 hours.  From Left
Hamer + Sickle Moscow Blend (a recommendation from Chris Davidson that I am giving another try), Torano Vault, a La Sirena, Quesada Q D'etat Molotov (supposedly this one packs quite a punch),  Vega Fina Sumum (2),  A Vartan Zoravar (My Favorite Smoke), VegaFina Robusto (2), El Tiante Oscuro (Jim Rendar loves this cigar),  LFD Double Ligero, Ligero, another Double Ligero (screwed up there), Air Bender Chisel, Double Claro, Air Bender Robusto, and the El Tiante Habano Rosado.

Red Stripe Not Included...

Stay tuned for random thoughts and observations about each one!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Rare Tuesday Post

Wow, its only Tuesday and I'm blogging,  I'ts getting warm in the PHX we are nearing the first 100 degree day (Saturday).  San Cristobal Elegancia is a medium-bodied cigar featuring a golden-blonde, Connecticut-seed wrapper. The question was posed to me.  "How do I enjoy a cigar when its so hot out." Couple of things 1. I spend alot more time in the Lounges at Ambassador Fine Cigars, Ye Old Pipe and Tobacco or Cigar King 2. we also have a misting system which keeps the Hillbilly Hilton a good 10-15 degrees cooler than the actual temperature. and 3. I go lighter on the smoke, currently I am auditioning this years crop of "My Summer Smoke"

Above is Ashton Cigars San Cristobal Eleganica Pyramid...and Yes, Jim, I used a V-Cut

The Cigar at left is the VegaFina Robusto, this cigar has been described as "Affordable Luxury" and a “connoisseur’s smoke.”  By the Way, this is a great cigar for the price!  Often less the $5
Today I followed-up yesterdays Vega Fina Robusto with the Vega Fina by Seijas 2011,  Seijas refers to Master Cigar Blender Jose Seijas. Jose has created cigars for the world’s most recognizable brands including Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, and  H. Upmann.   The cigar is currently available in a Corona Gordo that measure 6" x 56 yet retails for about $6.50!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Grandparents, Tatuaje and a 200 MPH Beach Party

So this morning, at 6:40am I get a text message from Stephen.  Stephen is my oldest step-son, and someone I am very proud of.  About 15 months ago, Stephen realized that he need discipline and direction,  and enlisted in the Army.  While currently stateside, at Ft. Riley in KS, I anticipate a deployment sometime in the next 6 months. 

The Text Read:
Stephen: Mom Up Yet
Me: Yup, Everything OK
Stephen: Yes Sir
Me: Carry On Soldier

30 Minutes or so later, I'm stuck in traffic on the 101 and my phone rings it's my wife. She tell's me we are...


The text continues:

Me: So Dad
Stephen: Yes Grandpa

This afternoon, on the way home from work, I picked up this little gem. The Tatuaje Conoju 2012.  And thus continues my love affair with Tatuaje Cigars.

A final thought,  this weekend would be the 3 day weekend I used to spend with my Dad at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. Just the two of us, this tradition started in 1986 and lasted until 2000

The photo at right was taken in April 200, in Toyota's Pit Row Suite.

This was  the last Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach  I would attend with my Dad.  Sure when I moved to Scottsdale in 2001,  with Dad's ties to Toyota Motorsports, Arciero/Wells Racing and Dan Gurney All American Racers, we would attend IndyCar Test Sessions, Champ Car Races, and one or two NASCAR Races at Phoenix International Raceway. Yes it was Indy Cars, Yes it was with Dad but it wasn't the Beach.

In 2002, while working at the Orange County Register,  I went to the Beach by myself,  I spent most of the time, wandering through the Garage area, Pit Lane, Pro Celeb Tent, on the phone with my Dad.  It wasn't the same...


Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's your S H I T Smoke???

I like to think it's been a smoking good week.  Unfortunately I've managed only a few cigars this week.  Another stellar recommendation by Chris Davidson, the San Lotano Oval by the fine folks at AJ Fernandez.  Tobacco that is aged four (4) year makes this one a real winner.

So now I must answer the question, what exactly is a S H I T smoke...It's the day before T G I F!   S H I T stands for So Happy It's Thursday. 
My S H I T smoke was a Casa Magna Oscuro a recommendation by Jim Rendar. It was Dark, It was Oily and it was pretty damn tasty.  Issue's with having to relight it though.  Then Again I was multi-tasking and not paying as much attention to the Cigar as I should have.  Regardless a thoroughly enjoyable S H I T smoke.  I think I need to track down the Casa Magna Colorado Diadema which was number 10 on Cigar Aficionado Top 25 Cigars for 2011.

Now for the best part of this smoking week I've been having.  Every once in a while I have the luck of running into Manufacturer was one of those days. This is a Zino Platinum Z-Class 654-T, courtesy of Pam the Davidoff Rep in Arizona.   Described as a "Sophisticated Tobacco Blend" I am looking forward to enjoying this one. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Stirring the Pot with Monday Post.

I have a goal, a small goal, to not smoke the same cigar day in and day out.  Yup I am getting away from the preverbial Go to Smoke. OK feel free to call BullSh*t on that one one cause we all know I am a creature of habit. But I am going to guarantee you that I am not going to blog about the same ol cigars.

Anyways, I am about halfway through a thoroughly enjoyable smoke. The Sencillo Platinum. Through some research, OK call BS on me I Googled it, I learned that Sencillo means simple.

I also learned that this is created by the same folks who created the God of Fire line of Cigars.  This stick is priced under $7 and is a great smoke all around.

Anyway, looking forward to this Wednesdays Meet-up of the West Valley Cigar Club.  Its a BYOC, Bring Your Own Cigar, Event so now the question remains what do I bring? I have an Alec Bradley Prensado and a Perdomo Champagne 10th Anniversay Magnum 50. I think I am leaning towards the Perdomo, with a Tubos, that my wife had not managed to get her hands on.

Friday, April 6, 2012

And That's the Way It Is

It's getting hot here in the PHX, looking for something different.  Soon the Hillbilly Hilton, will be on summer, evening only hours.  This week I got on a kick where if something came in a tube I was buying it.  Ironically, when my wife Rhea, saw the tubes she had to have them.  So the Tubos are No Mas. The Cigards are still there, just sans the Tube!

This is a Cain Series F Super Ligero.  Full Bodied but damn this is smooth!

Meet my Step-Son Ryan, AKA the Hookah King, I guess Hookah Lounges are quite the rage and Ryan does (all 6'5" of him) work in a lounge.

It is what it is...

Ryan's older brother, Stephen,  is in the Army and is protecting our Freedom. 

For the past 3 years Fumar Cigars in partnership with "Blue Star Moms" has sent thousands of "sponsored" boxes to troops currently deployed in the Middle East theater of operations

Fumar Cigars, in collaboration with Oliva Tobacco, proudly manufactures cigars for all 5 branches of the military

Looking for something different I searched up and down the humidor at Stagg Tobacconist in N. Scottsdale. Rick Hopkins, the owners, has  three stores Ye Olde in Phoenix, and Stagg locations in Metro Phoenix, and N. Scottsdale.  They, along with Cigar King, are the premier retailer of Perdomo Cigars.  Here I am enjoying a Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Magnum Tubo

Continuing with my Perdomo Sunday, I moved onto a glass of 2010 Prisoner, a Napa Valley Red Table Wine, 44% Zinfandel 26% Cabernet Sauvignon 18% Syrah 9% Petite Sirah 2% Charbono 1% Grenache  it made for perfect pairing with another Perdomo, this time the Perdomo 2, 2008 Limited Edition.  Did I mention this was a box press  and I love box pressed cigars

Didnt have a chance to smoke much this week, business commitments limited me to two cigars this week.  This is Viaje Skull & Bones MOAB,  The Mother Of All Bones.  This bomb was dropped on Cigar Retailers in late March, and well it is pretty tasty!
We've developed quite a little network on the Twitter, and recently a few of us have been sharing unquie cigars Jim Rednar, introduced me to the El Tiante Oscuro, Chris Davidson  has Hammer+Sickle Moscow City and last week  this bad boy.  The LFD Cameroon Cabinet,  this was unique in the fact it was a Chisel, and not your traditional torpedo, robusto, etc.  I will be buying  more of these, infact today I enjoyed a Cameroon Cabinet #1 (Not pictured).  Thoroughly enjoyable when paired with the Masters, even if the Masters was a replay on the Golf Channel. I mean seriously who works on Good Friday.  Tomorrows another day, its moving day at Augusta.