Sunday, April 29, 2012


is for racing, Road Racing that is.  I had breakfast with IndyCar from Brazil, then headed over to Miami for the Rolex Series Race,  and Now I'm in New Zealand with Australian V8 SuperCars. I can't wait  to see these guys when they race at the Circuit of the Americas, in Austin TX, in November when F1 returns to the States.

This past week was the week that was. The week culminated with the Grand Opening of Ambassador Fine Cigars West Valley location.
I was glad to see such a robust turnout for the festivities. 

I hate having to make choices but as we live in a Democratic Society the right to choose is one of our God given rights.

This is what remains of a La Sirena, the initial draw of this cigar was a bit tight. This was not any fault of the cigar, but the inability of the operator to properly cut the cigar!

According to the fine folks at Miami Cigar Company, the company behind this cigar,  there is supposed to be new blend coming in July.  Now I have something to look forward to!

Now for the rant...The Hookah King (Ryan) came home this weekend and brought his Hookah...I don't get it, The stuff just stinks! It smells absolutely horrid, And no matter what you call it, the shisha  (a combination of  tobacco and fruit or vegetable ), is smoked out of a water pipe or what we use to call a bong!  AND No I dont want to try it

Now in the styling of long-time Yankee Stadium announcer the late Bob Sheppard; "Now Smoking (Batting)  the Next Cigar (ShortStop), #2 Torano Vault (Derek Jeter),  #2.

I leave you with this poem...

Twas the week before my birthday, three days before furlough...

Have a smoking Sunday!

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