Friday, May 4, 2012

My Attempt at a Journal, Pre Birthday Lunches, the first few days of Furcation and truly random thoughts

So here is the Journal.  I have an idea what to include, thanks to Chris Davidson, but  one thing I know Is that I need  careful to not make double entry's.  Only one band per cigars. 

Earlier this week, i decided to catch up on some reading...its comfortable enough to sit outside have a beverage and enjoy your favorite cigars, or Cee Gars, as Anthony would say.   The favorite on Monday night was a Vartan Zoravar Rubusto

I love food, and Tuesday PJ, Rhonda, and Lisa took me out for an early Birthday lunch. For years, I have wanted to try Zinc Bistro in Scottsdale and, even though the server dropped a lit sparkler into my lap nearly setting my junk on fire, it did not disappoint.

Another beautiful evening out on the Hillbilly Hilton,  This evening called for a Vega Fina Sumum. As  I understand it Sumum is latin for “the highest, greatest or summit.”  These VegaFina's are a great value, with big flavor. 
And here is random thought #1, Who decided we have to wear socks? I means seriously did Jesus wear socks, probably not, he wore flip flops. BFD they were more like Sandels...anyways I blame the French, they're sneaky like that!
This Cigar, a recommendation from Chris Davidson, is one I really like.  It has great flavors  but I don't know if the manufacturer knows that when you ship to Arizona you need pack the shipment with a humipak.  Berger and Argenti learned this the hard way. 
As you can see, almost immediately after toasting, the cigar gets a case of the splits. It corrected itself but still $10 a stick it shouldn't do this and I left it sit for two weeks in the humidor after acquiring it.
Greystone Cabernet, the Official Cabernet of this years Furlough.
The first cigar of this years Furlough is the Perdomo Ltd Reserve Champagne 10th Anniversary and did it pair well with the Chardonnay I was drinking at the time
Furlough day 2, I decided to spend the afternoon with some good friends, and a few people I could do without, up at Ye Olde Pipe and Tobacco in Central Phoenix.  Shelley warned me NOT to stray, I would have brought my own cigars, but that's like bringing your own bottle of wine to a restaurant. 

So purchased another Perdomo Ltd Reserve Champagne, but this time the Noir.  I have another love affair, this time its with Perdomo!   
I have the weekend, which includes the 25th Anniversary of my 21st Birthday and three  more days left of Furlough,  Stay Tuned

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