Sunday, May 6, 2012

Be Nice to Me, It's my Birthday...

I've been a cigar smoker since 1992, and believe it or not, I have never owned a humidor.  I always bought enough cigars to get me by for the weekend.  If I amassed any sort of quantity I would store them in one of those Humidipaks from Arturo Fuente.  Friday this all changed when my beautiful wife bought me, as a birthday present, my first humidor. I believe she bought it at Ford & Haig,  Ford & Haig is located next to the Frenzy Stamper, in Scottsdale, where she teaches paper arts.  The Humidor is very different. It's made of cork, and yes she wants to bedazzle it! Nope that ain't going to happen!

Today is my 46th Birthday.  Birthdays call for a special cigar, one you don't smoke every day, so I busted out a  Zino Platinum Z-Class 654-T.  I picked this up at Ambassador Fine Cigars several weeks ago and  left it sit in a Humidipak for about 4 weeks.  This was an thoroughly enjoyable smoke all the way to the end. 
A gorgeous day in the PHX I ended my SMOKING afternoon with a another Davidoff , the Special "R"  I was given this at the Grand Opening of Ambassador Fine Cigars-West Valley.
I've got three more days left of the furlough and I'm starting to get bored.  But no worries I will muddle through.  Looking forward to Wednesday Nights Meet-Up of the West Valley Cigar Club.  Always a good time.  But the Cigar Event of the year is Friday where Pete Johnson, the man behind Tatuaje will be at Ambassador Fine Cigars-West Valley!  I however will be at the awards/graduation ceremony for West Mec where Ryan has been enrolled in Auto Tech.  Family comes first.

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