Monday, April 9, 2012

Stirring the Pot with Monday Post.

I have a goal, a small goal, to not smoke the same cigar day in and day out.  Yup I am getting away from the preverbial Go to Smoke. OK feel free to call BullSh*t on that one one cause we all know I am a creature of habit. But I am going to guarantee you that I am not going to blog about the same ol cigars.

Anyways, I am about halfway through a thoroughly enjoyable smoke. The Sencillo Platinum. Through some research, OK call BS on me I Googled it, I learned that Sencillo means simple.

I also learned that this is created by the same folks who created the God of Fire line of Cigars.  This stick is priced under $7 and is a great smoke all around.

Anyway, looking forward to this Wednesdays Meet-up of the West Valley Cigar Club.  Its a BYOC, Bring Your Own Cigar, Event so now the question remains what do I bring? I have an Alec Bradley Prensado and a Perdomo Champagne 10th Anniversay Magnum 50. I think I am leaning towards the Perdomo, with a Tubos, that my wife had not managed to get her hands on.

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