Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Rare Tuesday Post

Wow, its only Tuesday and I'm blogging,  I'ts getting warm in the PHX we are nearing the first 100 degree day (Saturday).  San Cristobal Elegancia is a medium-bodied cigar featuring a golden-blonde, Connecticut-seed wrapper. The question was posed to me.  "How do I enjoy a cigar when its so hot out." Couple of things 1. I spend alot more time in the Lounges at Ambassador Fine Cigars, Ye Old Pipe and Tobacco or Cigar King 2. we also have a misting system which keeps the Hillbilly Hilton a good 10-15 degrees cooler than the actual temperature. and 3. I go lighter on the smoke, currently I am auditioning this years crop of "My Summer Smoke"

Above is Ashton Cigars San Cristobal Eleganica Pyramid...and Yes, Jim, I used a V-Cut

The Cigar at left is the VegaFina Robusto, this cigar has been described as "Affordable Luxury" and a “connoisseur’s smoke.”  By the Way, this is a great cigar for the price!  Often less the $5
Today I followed-up yesterdays Vega Fina Robusto with the Vega Fina by Seijas 2011,  Seijas refers to Master Cigar Blender Jose Seijas. Jose has created cigars for the world’s most recognizable brands including Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, and  H. Upmann.   The cigar is currently available in a Corona Gordo that measure 6" x 56 yet retails for about $6.50!

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