Friday, April 13, 2012

Grandparents, Tatuaje and a 200 MPH Beach Party

So this morning, at 6:40am I get a text message from Stephen.  Stephen is my oldest step-son, and someone I am very proud of.  About 15 months ago, Stephen realized that he need discipline and direction,  and enlisted in the Army.  While currently stateside, at Ft. Riley in KS, I anticipate a deployment sometime in the next 6 months. 

The Text Read:
Stephen: Mom Up Yet
Me: Yup, Everything OK
Stephen: Yes Sir
Me: Carry On Soldier

30 Minutes or so later, I'm stuck in traffic on the 101 and my phone rings it's my wife. She tell's me we are...


The text continues:

Me: So Dad
Stephen: Yes Grandpa

This afternoon, on the way home from work, I picked up this little gem. The Tatuaje Conoju 2012.  And thus continues my love affair with Tatuaje Cigars.

A final thought,  this weekend would be the 3 day weekend I used to spend with my Dad at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. Just the two of us, this tradition started in 1986 and lasted until 2000

The photo at right was taken in April 200, in Toyota's Pit Row Suite.

This was  the last Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach  I would attend with my Dad.  Sure when I moved to Scottsdale in 2001,  with Dad's ties to Toyota Motorsports, Arciero/Wells Racing and Dan Gurney All American Racers, we would attend IndyCar Test Sessions, Champ Car Races, and one or two NASCAR Races at Phoenix International Raceway. Yes it was Indy Cars, Yes it was with Dad but it wasn't the Beach.

In 2002, while working at the Orange County Register,  I went to the Beach by myself,  I spent most of the time, wandering through the Garage area, Pit Lane, Pro Celeb Tent, on the phone with my Dad.  It wasn't the same...


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