Monday, May 27, 2013

I am the worlds greatest procrastinator

Never do today what you can do tomorrow or next week.  That is my motto! 

This applies to updating my blog which I have been saying I was going to do every week since my last post of April 18th.

What can I say I've been busy.

Anyway, new cigars continue to arrive in my favorite B&M's here in the PHX. 

Fine Ash continues to stock his humidor with some great cigars.    Since first enjoying the Intemperance EC XVIII (Ecuadorian Connecticut) in both the Charity and the Perfecto,  the BA XXI (Brazil Arapiraca) Intrigue and the Aquataine Cranium (a gran toro)  I have been in love with the Roma Craft Brand.  

Here is the Cromagnon Anthropoloy. 

Here's the best part most of these cigars are in the $9 and under range. 

Several months back, I talked about the Davidoff Tongue Tasting that Ambassador Fine Cigars in Peoria held. As part of that event   I picked up this Davidoff Millenium Blend Toro. I got distinct notes of roasted coffee beans  and caramel from this medium strength cigar.

We also had a birthday since my last post.  It was a relatively simple and low key affair that included a Layer Cake (pun intended) Shiraz and an Ezra Zion Reagan.  This cigar is flying off the shelves at Goodfella's Cigar Lounge and in my opinion is well priced at $12.75 per stick.

I will admit that out of respect for my wife, who is quitting smoking, I am limiting my cigar smoking at home.
But when I do enjoy a cigar at home   I have  been diving down deep into my humidor and enjoying several cigars that I have let rest.  This Gurkha Ghost I received as a gift from Andrew Hopkins upon his return from the IPCPR show last year and the La Aroma de Cuba has been sitting in my humidor since an event last August at Cigar King.  As a result these cigars were damn near perfect.

One of my favorite brand owners is Glen Case, and I had two of his Kristoff GC Signature Series sitting in the humidor.  They were obtained about two months apart but after several months each in the humidor these cigars were nice and oily and full of flavors that included expresso and chocolate.  In keeping with the program I paired them with a diet coke.  The diet coke is what Glen drinks when he is blending his cigars.
I also love the traditional pig tail cap, and closed foot.

As I mentioned earlier new lines are arriving constantly at the cigar shops in the PHX, the 7-20-4 arrived in the humidor at Fine Ash earlier this month. Here's what I know This cigar is a piece of history. From 1874 until the embargo in 1963 the 7-20-4 was manufactured in New Hampshire.  Kurt Kendall acquired the trademark and resurrected the brand.  It is a very smooth and flavorful cigar.

Shaun at Goodfella's Cigar Lounge in Phoenix is becoming, by choice, a purveyor of Boutique Cigars.  By definition a boutique cigar is low production numbers of these smokes. Many aficionados define these specialty cigars as smokes with an annual production of no more than 1 million sticks.

The benefit of boutique cigar production is that they allow cigar enthusiasts the opportunity to try a wider variety of smokes that are made of high-quality tobacco and are produced using a refined production process. 

Goodfella's is also a true House of Emilo Cigar Retailer.  Since I have known Shaun he has expanded his inventory to include the Emilio AF1, AF2, Suave, Series H; Epicurean; Ezra Zio and Guayacan.  Last week the 1502 line arrived and a launch party was held.  These cigars in Goodfella's style flew off the shelf.  The line consists of the 92 rated Emerald, the 91 rated Ruby, and the 93 rated Black Gold.  I would suggest working your way thru the line starting with the emerald (mild plus), then the ruby (medium plus) and closing it out with the Black Gold (full bodied) which is pictured below.

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