Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Got Nothing

Ah a vacation day, and I am sicker than a dog.  What was the old NyQuil commercial stuffy head fever can't rest? Yeah that's this guy... I figured I play some catch-up, yes I'm playing catch-up again.

We all know I love the international flavor of F1 and the American LeMans Series (BTW their TV package SUCKS 2 hours of highlights from the 12 hrs of Sebring)  so based on a recommendation from Chris Davidson I searched high and low for this cigar, the Hammer + Sickle Moscow City....Great flavor, I mean great flavor, but lousy construction!

Happy St. Patricks Day from the Hillbilly Hilton Guiness and an Alec Bradley Family Blend.


St. Patricks Day also called for a Gurkha Vintage Shaggy. After all it is Shaggy Saturday!Oh and Say hello to Chip The Furlough Puppy...

Wow it got cold over night,  we had a terrific night out celebrating Mark and Lori's wedding, Saturday night the winds kicked up and  dropped the temperatures damn near 30 degree's! It made smoking outside a tad uncomfortable, but we muddled through.  The smoke is an Tatuaje Havana VI,  the Beer Negra Modelo which interestingly enough STAYED COLD

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