Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Remembering Dad

May 29th would have been my Dad's 71st birthday. What to smoke on that day was a no brainier. I lit up a Perdomo Patriarch. Shortly after my #nowsmoking tweet I received a reply from Nick Perdomo. I thought I would share the exchange with you. Thanks Nick your reply meant a lot to me

I also picked up a Perdomo Lot 23 a good medium bodied cigar that is well on its way to becoming my Unofficial Official Summer Cigar.

I get motivated when either Chris or Jim post something I haven't seen yet.  This began with the Alec Bradley New York.

This past weekend  I searched for a Kristoff Kristania. Thanks to Kevin Bishop, who is the Kristoff Rep in Arizona, my search took all 3 seconds, exlcuding drive time. I found.  It at Oggies Cigars in Scottsdale.

Now I am on a mission to find the Nimish Thunder, from Rocky Patel's Cousin...

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