Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Son's of Our Fathers...and Other Stuff

Yesterday it was pointed out, by a few of my friends, that I have not updated my blog in at least a month. I take it as a complement! I will think of it as my who shot J.R. the anti climatic end to a cliff hanger...Where'd I leave off I think it was a post about my Dad, that accidently got deleted.

June 15 marked the 8 yr anniversary of Dad's Passing. Nick Perdomo said it best, when speaking about his own fathers passing, he tweeted out that "It feels like 8 seconds."

As the Director of Media Operations for Saatchi and Saatchi/Los Angeles hewas basically responsible for how Toyota spent their advertising dollars. Dad never realized how important he was, it never phased him, nor did he care, what mattered to him was the three of us; Mom, my brother David, and me. But today when we run into former colleagues, associates, and media people that knew Dad we are constantly reminded of how dad was respected.

At his funeral I was speaking with a National Sales Rep from a major automotive publication who told me about a time how when she was pitching a sponsorship of some sorts to Toyota.  Dad declined the opportunity citing it was not right for Toyota.  What he did next stuck with me because it doesn’t happen anymore.  He asked the rep, who she was presenting to next and she told him.  He said well here’s what you can do to make your presentation better. She won the business.  I can tell you, first hand, this does not happen today.

Thanks Dad, for teaching me about life and the business that I love…

Cigars,  Cigars and More Cigars

Our monthly meet up of the West Valley Cigar Club was the best to date, as it is hotter than the 7th layer of Hell in the PHX we have moved the events indoors and are rotating the meetings between club sponsors.  The June meeting was at Fine Ash Cigars, in Avondale.  I like this shop; it has a great boutique cigar selection. a comfortable lounge, and it is only 3.2 miles from the house.  More importantly Sam and Rosie are great hosts, who give back to our community.

Chet Parker, the founder of club brought a special gift for several of us a case of Yuengling Lager.   Yuengling was Founded  in 1829 by  David G. Yuengling, A family-owned company, now spanning over 180 years of continuous operation.  Yuengling is available in only 10 States,  mostly along the eastern seaboard, so to get it on the West Coast quite the endeavor!  Thanks Chet!  I paired this, my favorite beer, with an El Tiante Oscuro.

I’ve been slowly stocking my humidor and I have quite the variety of cigar. I find the best most cost effective way to stock a humidor, especially if you don’t boxes, is to take advantage of event pricing By 5 get 2 free seems to be the most common promotion in Phoenix.

Events in the past month included Ambassador Fine Cigars hosting a Gurkha, My Fathers Cigar, Perdomo Cigars, and Fine Ash hosting Ashton and a Poker Tournament hosted by Eric Parkinson.

I have tried not to smoke the same cigar day in and day out.  So with out hesitation here what I have been smoking.

<---The Gurkha Master Select a fairly complexed, medium to full bodied cigar with notes of pepper, spice and earth.

The Gurka Cigars Cellar Reserve Perfecto. A nice medium body cigar that is earthy, woodsy (light oak) with no spice and no bitterness.--->

We interrupt our smoking for this important message.  HABOOB!  Which is an intense duststorm carried on an atmospheric gravity current Haboobs occur regularly in arid regions throughout the world including the PHX

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog

<----The Perdomo Cigar Grand Cru Grand Epicure, a 6 x 60 that is very well balanced.

By smoking TheIllusione 88 Claro Robusto I am doing my part for the Go Green Movement! This cigar just hit the shelves at Ambassador Fine Cigars and I was one of the first to enjoy it.  Most people think claro’s have notes of grass, now I am no expert but I believe this is 100%mental.  While on the milder side I detected notes of initial flavors are sweet and woody, with layers of vanilla and a hint of  cocoa. ---->

It has been 7 years since I have been back to Pennsylvania and the trip was long overdue.  My dilemma was to pack cigars or not.  Since it was short trip, only 4 days, I left my cigars at home.  Sunday, was the perfect day for a smoke, it had cooled down, was not so bloody humid so Kevin and I headed to Puff Discount Cigarettes.  They had a small selection from Altadis and I able to pick up four (4) Vega Fina Corona Gordo’s on the “cheap” That afternoon Kevin and I sat out on patio of the Hillbilly Hilton East, Where the Beer is Always Cold,  the Grill  always Hot, and the people crazy, drinking Youngling and enjoying the simple, affordable luxury, that is the cigar lifestyle.

The 10th Anniversary Criollo Robusto from Perdomo Cigars is another terrific cigar of medium to full body with notes of Oak and Almonds.--->

<---Oliva Series G this medium bodied box-pressed cigar is earthy with flavors, of nuts, leather, and spice with light coffee notes. 

The La Aroma de Cuba New Blend Robuso from Ashton Cigar. I must confess I grabbed  this one my mistake, thinking it was Mi Amor.  I have since smoked two or three from this line  I paired it with a Tall Hot Blonde (roast) from Starbucks and it really brought out the spice and coffee notes of this cigar. --->

It is July 4th, they day we celebrate our nations independence from Britain, as become a tradition, similar to Christmas Eve where we watch A Christmas Carol I am spending the day watching the HBO Miniseries John Adams

We well end this post with a quote

"If you can't sent money, send tobacco."
-George Washington to the Continental Congress, 1776

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