Sunday, July 29, 2012

Little Bit of This Little Bit of That

The week got off to an interesting start, when Monday morning I awoke, showered, and turned on SportsCenter.  This is no different than any other weekday morning except for live news coverage of the NCAA President announcing the penalties for my beloved Pennsylvania State University.  It was harsh, and many say that it is/was unfair. However whether Students, Alumni or just fans we have been beat up.  Some have called us PED State and others have referred to pSu and its fan base a Cult.  In regards to the sanctions it is what is.
 ".... I get fired up because this is our school.  The people have made this generalization, they say that we put football before education. Who is saying that? Have you read the rankings? Penn State is No. 1 in graduation rates. Penn State graduates eight out of 10 of their players. No other school can say that. To say that my degree means less because of what happened… No way, not a chance."

Senior Linebacker Michael Mauti

We Are STILL Penn State....

Now keeping with the topic at hand, I have mentioned that I will not be posting the same ole cigar photo I try and enjoy something new each week.

The Perdomo La Tradicion Cabinet Series P was a cigar that I picked up when I short on time and didn't want to spend over $6.  It is a well balanced smoke and after some interaction with Nick and Janine Perdomo I think the world of the Perdomo family.  They care about their product and they care about their customer.

Late in the week, Fine Ash Cigar in Avondale, with Eric Parkinson, hosted and Emilio Cigars launch party.   We were given a choice of the AF, AF1 or AF2.  Based on a discussion with Eric I was given the AF1 Robusto. The Cigar has a San Andreas Maduro wrapper with Nicaraguan filler/  I will describe the cigar as Dark and Rich that has both a spice and sweetness in its notes. 

A couple of weeks ago, a colleague took a trip to Costa Rica.  Before Jennifer left, I made a joke that my teammates went along with.  The joke was that if ANY of you go anywhere, and the trip is more than 45 minutes away and It involves plane or boat YOU must bring me a gift.  For the record in years past this has failed miserably. 

From Jennifer and Costa Rica I was given a Vegas de Santiago VDS Corona.  No its not a box press, but it came in a beautiful cedar travel tube

Aside from Cuba, most cigars come from the Dominican Republican, Nicaragua, Honduras

I was curious to find out about the tobacco that was this cigar.  My research concluded that the filler was a  Costa Rica Ligero blended with select Nicaraguan tobacco's .  The wrapper was a natural wrapper from Ecuador (assumption based on that's where the cigars in this line come from) 

During the Cigar Education portion of last month's West Valley Cigar Club Meet-up I learned that it is important to "re-season" your humidor every couple of months.  The extreme heat and low natural humidity in Arizona make this a necessity and is  good practice to get into. 

Anyways. me and my Ziploc Bag full of cigars are on our way to Fine Ash Cigars for a few hours.  Peace Out!

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