Saturday, September 22, 2012

Holy Sh*t I Smoke a lot of Cigars

There are so many cigars, and so little time.  Each day I try and smoke something the is new to the shop.  The nice thing is what was ordered at the IPCPR are starting to arrive.

The Nat Sherman Timeless Collection Hermoso
Enjoyed at Cigar King

The Wynwood Mini Diademo from Christian Eiroa
Enjoyed at Ambassador Fine Cigars (Say Hello to Vartan, the Ambassador )
The Ultra from Illusione, Dion did a helluva job with the cigar. 
Vartan Saferian, owner of Ambassador Fine at the IPCPR was honored by Davidoff as one of the inaugural Davidoff Golden Band Awards, Davidoff retailers who best embody the Davidoff standard of excellence.   This Cigar is the Davidoff Golden Band Award. 


I am becoming a huge fan of Viaje Cigars! This love affair began with the WLP double claro which was released for St Patrick's Day,  The Viaje Oro Collector Edition. 

I had been hearing a lot abot the Olivia Series V Melanio Gran Reserva Limitada, not sure what it was but this cigar was huge disappointment.  I'll give it another try in a few weeks...I might have gotten a bad stick.

This cigar, the Gran Habano Connecticut "Lunch Break" surprised the crap out of me!  Especially since the cigar was only $4.50  the perfect midday lunch cigar
The Four Kicks Selection #5 from the Crowned Heads is fast becoming one of my go to sticks,  Medium-Full Bodied it is a thorouhly enjoyable cigar.

Let me throw this out there, someone explain to me what is the deal with the big ring guages.  This is the Inch from EP Carrillo,  a 64 Ring Gauge, which amount to 1".  Its huge, well thats what she said. LOL

As I said earlier I am a huge fan of the cigars from Viaje, This is the Viaje Summerfest 2012 a medium- to full-bodied smoke that is extremely balanced.


The Gurkha Ghost is one I have been wanting since I read about it in a press release,  the best way I can describe this cigar is smooth and complex.  Thanks to Andrew Hopkins and Juan Miguel Villarino for providing me with this cigar.  Much Appreciated!
The much awaited, and anticipated L'Antelier from Pete Johnson,  Next week you are mine ALL mine.

Brandon Puckett, aka #OsoFabuloso himself, told me to smoke this.  Not to anger the Stogie Bear I picked up the Aging Room F55 Quattro.  This Cigar is #OsoFabuloso.  Thank B! Great recommendation.
 The Arsen Pink for Men,
Because of the pink label I thought I was smoking an It's A Girl cigar but not the case it's  
 a nice full bodied cigar...
The Gurkha Wicked Indie,  this had been sitting in my humidor, which has finally stabilized!  it was also the first cigar out on the newly reconfigured Hillbilly Hilton.  Evenings are in the high seventies AND Football Season is upon us...
And for 2012, this is the view from my chair on the newly configured Hillbilly Hilton...Good Times are Awaiting.  The Hillbilly Hilton Where the Beer is Cold and The Grill is Hot...
Another #OsoFabuloso recommendation, the Aging Room Havao Connecticut.  Great morning Cigar...
Until Next Time...Peace Out

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