Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Rare Midweek Post

Decided to update my blog midweek, I guess I am trying to not be such a procrastinator.  As I mentioned in my previous posts I am working my way through the new arrivals from the 2012 IPCPR Show.
One of the most anticipated arrivals had to be Tatuaje Cigars 2012 TAA,  This was so anticipated some jackass high jacked the prototype.  I believe this is only available at four retailers in the PHX, I picked this one up at Ye Old Pipe and Tobacco in Central Phoenix. The cigar is in the $11 range and is the same blend as the 2011. The consensus from me and my cigar smoking friends is that we liked the 2011 better.

Brandon Puckett, aka Stogie Bear aka Oso Fabuloso, has a weekly You Tube show called the Bear in the Cross Hairs. His reviews are spot on and he doesn't  mince words. He also knows my palette and is able to make a recommendation that 9 times out of 10 I will enjoy.  The Origen from J Fuego was something I picked up purely after Brandon's review and it didn't disappoint.
The L' Atleier from Pete Johnson is another one I have been patiently awaiting its arrival.  This  is the L'Atleier LAT 52, a wonderful cigar. 
The Pinar Del Rio Liga Especial Reserva Superior,  Pinar Del Rio has gotten some mixed reviews in the past year.  However based on several recommendations I gave on a try.  $8 is a fair price, however this is definitely not a first cigar of the morning, in fact I recommend eating s Porterhouse with baked potato before smoking but man is it a good cigar.
The Surrogates Crystal Baller from Tatuaje and L'Atelier is box pressed vitolo, that retails for about $8  I didn't like this as much as the LAT 52 and some of the other new bundled cigars that Pete has added to his lines, which I will talk about later.

This post is largely about the "Value Cigar."  I really enjoyed the C & C Corojo that I picked up at Cigar King.   This is the newer C & C Connecticut,  at $3.95 it is a great morning, first stick of the day, cigar.  I look forward to more arriving from C & C soon.

Sunday is for Football, at Fine Ash Cigar and  Sam and Rosie Lopez are great hosts!  After a shift at the Home Show, I high tailed it home and made my way to Fine Ash for the Cardinals Game.  I wanted a lancero and something I hadn't tried before.  So I picked up the Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label Original.  Excellent- and at just under $9 still a great value smoke.
Now its onto two of the new bundle cigars from Tatuaje and L'Atleier
The El Suelo at $3.95 
A great smoke from the get go, I mean seriously look at the foot that is first toast and it stayed that way right thru to the end with not touch ups
And the Trocadero  at $3.50 and good mild-medium cigar, this one has some construction issues, but it didn't create any problems
I had been eyeing this one for several weeks.  The Asylum Premium Torpedo. Since his non compete with Davidoff expired, Christian Eiroa has been busy fella! The CLE, the Wynwood and now the Asylum.   At $4.95 a great value cigar, that is medium-full bodied with full flavors. 
So far the Highlight of the week was enjoying My Father's Le Bijou 1922 with Eric Parkinson, from Smoke Boutique Cigars, and Jose Ortega VP of Sales for My Father's Cigars at Fair Oaks Cigars in Peoria, AZ.  Loved the Habano Oscuro wrapper, it was complexed and rich and not bad considering it was my third cigar of the day!
Wonder what the rest of the week will hold...


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