Monday, October 22, 2012

Playing Catch-Up Again

Can't sleep I figured I'll update the blog, with some new favorites

Here is the Quesada Qd'etat Molotov,  not many shops carried this one and whenever I find one I pick it up.  I recently learned this is was a limited release from Quesada.

I usually try and stay under $10 per stick for my cigar. It can get kind of expensive, expecially since I buy only single sticks and I smoke 2-3 cigars a day.   It is for this reason I shyed away from Graycliff.  Then I learned that Graycliff has cigars for all budgets. Showcased at the IPCPR, the B-cuz Triple Robusto (it looked like a Toro to me) retails for $7.50

I am really enjoying the cigars that Viaje has recently released. Here is the Honey and Hand Grenades Rapier.  The HHG is a perfecto, that looks like a reversed torpedo. On the fuller side this is definitly not your first cigar of the day cigar!

I'm a big fan of the La Aroma de Cuba line from Ashton Cigar and blended  the Garcia Family .  This is the much awaited Mi Amor Reserva. a thoroughly enjoyable full bodied smoke.

Value Cigars, are big these days,  Bob Bennett the West Coast Reap for Altadis USA tells me that Vega Fina is the #1 selling non-cuban cigar is spain.  This the recently released Vega Fina Fortaleza 2 which, when compared to the original Vega Fina, features a much fuller flavor profile.

Matt Booth from Room 101 will be at Ambassador Fine Cigars West this Friday and I am looking forward to spending some time with him.  Several months ago I was given a pre-release of the Daruma and have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the actual cigar in the shops here in Phoenix.  Earlier this month I picked up a Room 101 by Camacho 305 at Cigar King. Per Matt this is Salon Cigar and Not a Boutique Cigar.

I picked this next one up because I was curious about the Bolivar line.  Several of my friends from the Great White North love their Cuban Cigars aka the Forbidden Fruit.  This  is  the Non-Cuban version Toro  made by General Cigar. This one had some age on it and at $7.60 and you betcha I bought more.
I was recently gifted a Viaje 5th Anniversary.  Wow, it certainly lived up to the hype.  and I am glad to read that this blend will not be a one and done.  Yup the label is white on white!
As I has mentioned in previous post, I think the way the way the Perdomo family interacts with their consumers is remarkable. This is the Perdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro.  Yes this was also well worth the wait.
Later til the next time #KeepATightAsh
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