Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Been a Smoking Day

OK I stole that from my friend Vartan Seferian, the proprietor of Ambassador Fine Cigars.

Anyway, I am going to pick-up where I left off at 4:15am

Last week I picked up, for my morning smoke, the C & C LRMD or Limited Reserve Maduro at $4.75 is a quality smoke at an affordable price.

I am huge fan of Christian Eiroa, and the CLE line did not disappoint in either the Corojo or the Habano. My personal favorite was the Corojo.  Last week I stumbled across Connecticut version of the CLE. 

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I picked this next cigar as part of bundle package at Cigar King, I think the lot came with a couple of Bolivar, and two of the Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial Corona that is pictured below and something else that I can't put my finger on.  This cigar was also well aged and was surprisingly full bodied. 
IMPORTANT....The world if full of choices and this really complicates matters, here is the humidor at Cigar King...

Another recent arrival, from Quesada, is the Jalapo  at $7.50-$7.75 I really enjoyed this cigar and as I understand it only 1000 boxes were produced
Another new line into many of the shops here in Phoenix, is Clint Aaron's 262 Cigar Line I have has the Paradigm, so when Eric Parkinson from Smoke Boutique hosted an event last Friday at Ambassador West I picked up the Revere
Here would be a pic of me enjoying a Surrogates Tramp Stamp.  However since the Butterfly on the band is an exact replica of a tramp stamp that my ex had I refuse to smoke or post a picture of this Cigar!  Sorry Pete

OK Heres the Pic...

 Every Sunday I head up to Fine Ash Cigars to catch the Jet's Game! Sam is great at accomodating that request.  This is a Padron Magnum Maduro, 9  x 50! This Cigar got me through the entire Jet's Game excluding the OT period!

Late last week, Randy gave me something I had never tried, largely due to the price. Randy Gifted Me a Julius Caesar Diamond Crown Toro. Medium Bodied, Medium Strength the 5 year aged tobacco really makes this Cigar.

And with this post we are ALL caught up, another on of Christian Eiroa new lines the Asylum 13
A true Nicaraguan Puro that is an eventful cigar...

Until Next Time.. #KeepATightAsh!

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