Friday, March 8, 2013

Random Thoughts From A Disseminator

So here is a rare mid week post from me. I am actually sitting at a pizza joint , here in Goodyear, eatin on some NY style pizza and wings, reflecting on last nights events. Hindsight being foresight I probably should have taken more pics, and some freakin notes, cause I learned a lot and let's be realistic I probably won't actually post this until sometime over the weekend

Emilio Cigars and House of Emilio Cigars, the distributors for Guayacan, Epicurean, Ezra Zion, GPC, Nomad, Rodrigo and 1502, has been experiencing phenomenal growth. Kevin Bishop, from Groucho Cigars, myself and Stephen LaPre Sr have created such a stir, in the Phoenix Metro area, about these brands that people are taking notice. Prior to January the ONLY store in Arizona to carry Emilio cigars was Fox Cigar Bar in Gilbert and Goodfellas Cigar Lounge in Phoenix As of last night. Goodfellas  in addition to the Emilio AF Series, La Musa, Epicurean and 1502, has since added the Ezra Zion to their Humidor. Oh and by the way they sold 8 boxes in 3-days and has since reordered. Fumar Cigars, already a retailer for Epicurean, has added the Emilio Cigar AF series and the Ezra Zion to their inventory. Last Night we learned that House of Cigars, in Gilbert is the first store in Arizona to carry the Guayacan line of Cigars. I am looking forward to several more B&M's in the Phoenix metro area joining the Emilio family in the next few weeks or months.

In the photo, is my partner in crime, Stephen LaPre Sr., Nate McIntytre and Kevin Bishop.  The cigar is a Guayacan, that is an Ecuadorian Habano with that is a solid medium bodied smoke, that retails in the $6.50 or so range.  It also received a 91 rating in the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Cigar Snob Magazine

Nate McIntyre. National Sales Director for Emilio Cigars, and I have chatted over twitter, on the phone, and by way of text message. Last Night we finally met I person, at Fumar Cigars. I arrived and five and didn't leave until nearly 10pm. To sit and talk with Nate about the cigars he represents, his degree is in Rare Biblical Languages, and other topics was thoroughly enjoyable. I also learned what the logo, a digital scan of the Griffith Family Sword, and a digital scan of a long thought to be extinct Metasequoia, or Dawn Redwood, from Emilio Cigars represents. I look forward to spending more time with Nate in the future.

Tonight would have been my Mom and Dad's 49th Wedding Anniversary.

Dad passed almost 9 years ago and on their anniversary I make a point to have dinner with my Mom. I tell you that to get to this. On the day we were to bury Dad,  Mom was at the kitchen and I heard her say "Richard If you are OK, give us a sign..." All of a sudden a hummingbird appeared in the window. 

Tonight as I was walking outside to fire up the grill, there was a hummingbird (look closely at the center of the photo on the right)  milling about the lavender. Without hesitation I looked and the hummingbird and said "Hi Dad..."  and this is not the first time the hummingbird has been seen over the past nine year.

More to come over the weekend., Maybe...Well after I finish helping the wife with the Garage Sale at Scraps of Love... I get to hold the money!

Until next time...


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