Sunday, March 3, 2013

Race Week in the PHX

Twice a year NASCAR makes it's way to the Phoenix Metro Area and you never know who you will run into when out and about town.  This past week I was invited to the Phoenix Coyotes and Minnesota Wild game, at arena in Westgate, by a good friend  It turns out it was NASCAR night in Glendale and 5-time himself, Jimmie Johnson, was in the house...

Needless to say, as practice started at 10am and considering, he had been to 60 appearances since winning the Daytona 500,  he didn't stick around long...

This week was also nothing about the Boutique Cigars....

I started the with a new cigar the Cult Fuerte.  Stinky, the man behind Stinky Cigars/Ashtray, brought a few of these to last meet-up of the West Valley Cigar Club.  This cigar, is a full bodied with clean, even burn that didn't require any touch-ups, and  had a wonderful finish.

BREAKING NEWS:  Arizona suffered one of it's darkest days in it's 101 year history.  Sheriff Joe, dubbed America's toughest Sheriff, fell down and was briefly hospitalized.

But I digress

As I mentioned it was the week for Boutique Cigars, and thanks to the "Chairman" Stephen  Le Pre, Sr (@CigarChairman) I was able to try a Nadi Cigar.  As I understand it Cigar Aficionado'd Nadi and Jeff Jumper were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to produce their own line of cigars, and man did  they deliver!    This cigar was very complex, and full of flavor. They only way to describe this cigar, a 6 x 43 corona, Connecticut wrapper, is....well in a nutshell is that it is stupid good and I am looking forward to enjoying the robusto.

and yes I smoked it to the nub, with the help of a Kobalt Tools 6/54 screwdriver.

Today my wife is at a all day craft retreat, so after I watched the Rolex Series Race from the Circuit of the American, detailed my 2004 Toyota Solara SE and had a bit of lunch,  I sat down to watch the NASCAR race from PIR.  Today's smoke was an Epicurean AG Azul Vintage 2008. I liked this cigar. I liked it a lot.  It burned clean and evenly, and the only relight it required was when my A.D.D kicked in and I started doing other things around the house.  

As the Emilio Cigar Disseminator for Arizona I am looking forward to spending some time this week with Nate McIntyre.  Nate is the National Sales Director for Emilio Cigars and House of Emilio, the distributors of Emilio Cigars (including the AF Series, La Musa, Series H, Draig K, and Los Regalo's).  Ezra Zion, Epicurean, Herederos de Robaina, Rodrigo, Guayacan Cigars, 1502, and Nomad Cigars.

This Wednesday, Kevin Bishop and I are hosting a Meet and Greet with Nate at Fumar Cigars, the newest retailer,  in the Phoenix Metro Area, to carry the Emilio and Ezra Zion line of cigars.  The event is from 6pm-8pm, and will also feature the Epicurean Gonzo, AG, and AG Azul.

If you can come out and join us, we'd love to see you!

Until next time...


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