Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cigars and Other Happenings

Lots has been happening around the Hillbilly Hilton of late. The biggest happening was that, after 3 long months of searching, I finally went back to work.  I accepted a position with the West Valley View.  A twice weekly, 100% advertising supported, newspaper with a distribution of just under 80,000.  

It's hard to explain but once the "ink gets in your blood" there is something about the smell of  ink going on the paper and noise when a 12 unit web press is running. I have experienced this only once before. When I spent a lot time around the CART, Champ Car/Indy Car Series and was often heard saying "I love the smell of Methanol in the morning"

For me this is also the first time since 2006, that my commute is actually less 45 minutes. The offices of the West Valley View are about 5 miles from the house and I'm loving it. Community Newspapers are a completely different environment, than working at a metro daily, and I am glad to back in this environment.

The end of my being  a "ward of the state," a euphemism for unemployment, was celebrated with an Epicurean Armando Gutierrez (AG) Vintage 2007 from Steve Ysidron.  I would describe this cigar as fairly  complex with a variety of flavors. Construction seemed to be a bit of an issue and several touch ups were needed.  All in all it was good smoke and I believe that it will only get better with a month or two in the humidor.

Monday was President's Day and I couldn't think of a better cigar to smoke than the Reagan 40th from my friends at Ezra Zion.  In a nutshell the Reagan 40th, the first in the Ezra Zion Honor Series, is flavorful and well constructed. It did not require a single touch-up and well I smoked it down to the nub.  As of this writing the Ezra Zion is available, in Phoenix, only at Goodfellas Cigar Lounge.  Shaun actually sold out eight (8) boxes in three (3) day's!  EIGHT BOXES IN THREE DAYS!

Reaganomics is making a comeback with this cigar!

We have a good little group in the West Valley Cigar Club. All totaled I think there are about 100 members.  At our monthly meet-ups we usually have about 20-25 members in attendance   During the summer months, our meet-ups are held at one of three locations, Fair Oaks Cigars, Ambassador Cigars West, or Fine Ash Cigars. When it is cooler we meet on the cigar friendly patio of Johnny Foxes Public house in Peoria. 

The meet-ups at Johnny Foxes you bring your own cigars, in which case Thursday was Good Day for Guinness and an Emilio Cigars AF-2

Last month I was fortunate to spend a bit of time with Lana Frasier, the premium event manager for General Cigar Company.  This Partagas Series Z perfecto was a gift from Lana.  Thanks Lana and it was a pleasure meeting you.

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