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So it's been about two weeks since I announced that I had been asked to be a Disseminator or "Brand Ambassador" if you will, for Emilio Cigars and the lines that they distribute,  These lines are some of the hottest boutique brands on the market and include in no particular order Nomad Cigar Co, 1502, Epicurean, Guaycan, Rodrigo and Herederos de Robania.

These brands have been rewarded with, for lack of a better word, 90 plus ratings by several industry publications and websites. To help you, my readers and followers, identify the Emilio Cigars and they lines they distribute I will use the hashtag #Disseminator to those mentions on this blog.

A couple of weeks ago I received a message from the Atlantic City Cigar Company, that I had won a bundle of Padilla Habano Reserva Torpedos.I have smoked one or two of them but as it is a fairly new release, August 2012, it does need some time to rest in the humidor to realize its full potential 

I love it when I head into cigar lounge and a customer or employee tells me that I have to try something new.
That was the case with the EH Cultura the end result of a collaboration with between Edgar Hoill and CLE.
I liked the unique shape and size of this vitola called a Trompeta which is a  4 1/2" x 38 x 54 ring gauge.  This Cigar is a Nicaraguan Puro in its finest form 

Epicurean Cigars (#Disseminator) is the brainchild of Steve Ysidron, formerly of Savinelli, and launched almost a year ago,  The first two cigars were the Armando Gutierrez (AG),which is a tribute to Ysidron's Great Grandfather, and the Gonzo.  The Gonzo is a limited release cigar that is has or will have a total of 50,000 cigars produced in 5 sizes. At the IPCPR, in August of 2012, Epicurean announced the third cigar in the line, the AG Azul.

As of today, I have enjoyed the Gonzo, a 6' x 52  box pressed cigar, that I smoked to the final half inch.

My last post, talked about the Emilio Cigar (#Disseminator) AF-Sauve, AF-1 and  AF2   there are two other lines in their portfolio the La Musa (formerly the Grimalkin) and the Draig K.

In the La Musa lines there are two blends to tickle your palette  The medium bodied Mousa and the fuller bodied Melete. I can tell you these cigars did not disappoint.  Again it is no wonder that the Mousa received a 92 rating in the May/June 2012 issue of Cigar Snob!

Ah the Draig K, been wanting to try this one for a long time.  I knew of one place in the PHX that was fortunate to have this in their humidor. I was on the east side of the valley for an interview so it made sense to swing by Fox Cigar Bar in Gilbert for a cigar and a cheesesteak from Geno's.

Full disclosure here I do not think this establishment is affiliated in any way shape for form the with the Original Geno's in Philadelphia, but they do have Tastykakes!

Dark and Oily, and due to the wrapper ability to retain moisture, it was recommended to me the that Idry box the cigar for 24 hours before smoking. A day or so before I wanted to smoke this bad boy, I took it out of my humidor and placed it in a non humidified travel case with a cedar lining. This really helped with along the way, I did not have to relight or touch up this cigar, and the burn was even, consistent with the other cigars from Emilio. I would describe the cigar as medium bodied but full of flavor. 

BREAKING NEWS: (#Disseminator) Goodfellas Cigar Lounge, as of yesterday, is the ONLY store in the PHX to have the Ezra Zion line of cigars in its humidor and according to Shaun, at Goodfellas,  they are flying off the shelves! So Go Getcha Self Some! NOW! Like right this very minute!

Ezra Zion debuted in July of 2012, and lets just say the reviews are nothing short of phenomenal. Yesterday,  I enjoyed the Jamais Vu, one of the last with the Inception label on the foot.  I must say this cigar lived up to the "hype."  I can only imagine what will happen to this cigar after it rests in the humidor for a while.

Currently there are two cigars in Ezra Zion's portfolio. The Reagan 40th is the first cigar released under Ezra Zion Honor Series banner, and is a tribute to our 40th President.  I am saving this cigar, for a battle of the Presidents with Jon Shattuck (@cigarguy86) who has an Obama 44 from Segovia Cigars in his humidor.
There is no doubt in my mind the Reagan 40th will dominate this battle.

During an interview ast week, on Cigar Chat, the folks at Ezra Zion revealed that they have three new releases planned for 2013. One of the releases will be the 2nd cigar in the Honor Series which will be a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and will be called the MLK.  Thinking about future releases I'd like to start lobbying for a fellow Brother of the Leaf, the great NYC Mayor and America's Mayor Rudolph Giuliani be named to a future Honor Series Cigar.

Until next time....

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