Saturday, February 2, 2013

Go figure on this one, while heading into a super secret  meeting to plan a super secret event to occur in  November, I was pointed in the direction of this little gem The Perdomo P2 Limited Edition 2008.  The cigar is a medium to full bodied that is extremely well balanced. BTW The Chairman tried to swipe the bands for his collection, Homey don't play that! I need it for my Journal!

Continuing to work my way through the Emilio family of Cigars, yesterday I took from my humidor, which by the way is FINALLY stabilized nicely at 68-70%, the Emilio AF-1. The  last time I had one of these was, back in September, during a launch party at Fine Ash Cigars here in Avondale.   This Cigar is currently available in two locations in Arizona, Fox Cigar Bar in Chandler and Goodfella's Cigar Lounge in Phoenix.

This cigar has a dark and somewhat oily San Andreas Maduro wrapper. I smoked it down to the nubbin, again using my small eyeglass screwdriver to hold the nubbin try to get every thing out of this Robusto that I could.

Logic dictates that the next cigar I smoke should, in theory, be the AF-2

Anyway, Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow, not sure where I am going to watch the game. Rest assured there will be plenty of cigars.

Stay tuned for information about the Super Secret Event in November.

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