Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekend Getaways, Staycations and Cigars

Couple of notes about this blog! I am not a writer/journalist nor do I claim to be. I do not work for a industry magazine.  I am simply a guy who likes cigars. It is for this reason I do not get into, nor do I care to play in world of in depth reviews of the cigars I smoke.  I'll leave that to guys like Brooks Whittington, Patrick Lagreid, and David Savona. Get It? Got It? Good!  So as my good friend Algernon Quattlebaum used to say "Let us move on..."

We are into monsoon season here in the PHX, and everyone is a while lead to a killer photo opp.  This was accidentally created with the help of the window tint at the top of my windshied. 

It seems that this was the year of the big ring gauge but I'm seeing something a bit different.  7-20-4, Room 101, and  Ezra Zion , have all come out with small cigars that with big flavors.  These cigars, the Dog Walker, Namakubi Ecuador, and Tantrum,  are great when you are short on time.  See what I did there...?

A few weeks back I got an email, from PR firm in Miami, wanting to know I if would be interested in reviewing a new cigar.  The Azan from Roberto Duran Premium Cigars.  I bit and sent my information.  I know, technically, I am not a member of the cigar media. but it is what it is. 

This cigar is another brand that has been resurrected and the back story is very cool.   Azan was an old, privately owned Cuban brand started by a Chinese immigrant, in the 1920's, before Fidel Castro nationalized the industry. It disappeared after the Revolution, but is now back as a Nicaraguan brand, restarted this year by Roberto Pelayo Duran, who's wife is a descendant of the original founder.

Azan comes in three varieties: White Premium, Burgundy and Maduro Natural.  who suggested that I go with  the Natural Maduro.  It was a terrific smoke that was fairly complex. Again see what I did there

A couple of weeks ago my wife called,with a brilliant idea, a staycation/weekend getaway at local resort.  Rhea checked in that afternoon, and I arrived after work...

Here's a valuable piece of advice for when you visit Scottsdale   BRING YOUR OWN STICKS! If you forget, or if your Cuban stash ends up in the hands of the US Customs Department, there are plenty of shops within a short drive of the many fine resorts in town.

As I said in earlier posts new product, that made its debut at the IPCPR, is still arriving in the local shops.  Andrew Hopkins from Ye Olde Pipe and Tobacco pointed this one out.  Well priced,at $4.95, is the Cubita Robusto Nouveau. This cigar is manufactured in the Dominican Republic at Matasa and is a Manuel Quesada product.  This cigar is now in my regular rotation.

Here's something I hadn't seen before the Nomad Fugitive Perfecto,  Love this Vitola and this Cigar!  Can't wait to see what Fred comes up with next...Oh yeah, waiting rather impatiently for the S-307!

The Crossfire Habano Perfecta was a gift from Ryan and Cigars and Scriptures.  This 6 x 60 had some great flavors, but had an extremely tight draw. Others that smoked that smoked this cigar didnt have this challenge and I'll give it another try.  Once again see what I did there.  

The company also has an awesome mission and vision statement that is worth sharing

"To create jobs, value people and empower the community while crafting great handmade premium cigars.  To passionately craft high quality hand rolled premium cigars at an affordable price."

Another new cigar line to hit the shelves at Goodfellas is from La Hoja Cigar Company. I will swear that this was a Nicaraguan blend, but nope its a Dominican Puro that smokes wonderfully. Yes I "V" cut a torpedo!

This is a another company with a cool back story. The family, led by Sr. Carlos Flores, was a prominent member of the peoples revolution against Castro and were forced to flee the country the 1960's.   His son Carlos Flores Jr., has created the company La Hoja Cigar Company and this first blend, or collection, is the the La Hoja De Flores. The line also serves as a tribute to Carlos Sr.

No doubt about it the folks at My Fathers Cigars, make a terrific cigar. In fact some say they rival the flavor and character of a Cuban Cigar.  This My Fathers Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ is one of those cigars. Simply put its a nice full-bodied smoke that is layered with deep flavors.  And oh by the way it's  handmade in Miami!

Its no secret I am wound tighter than a eight day clock. My wife decided we needed to get out of town. So we headed up to Sedona....which is about 2 hours north of us.  A leisurely day spent wondering downtown Sedona, strolling along Oak Creek,  it was just what the doctor ordered.

And speaking of doctors, Get Well Soon George!  Your Rodrigo La Fortaleza loved Oak Creek! 

Til next time #KeepATightAsh....

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