Sunday, February 2, 2014

House H(a)untings and Other Strange Things

Let me make one thing perfectly clear.  I am a pain in the ass to travel with.  Not sure if it stems from traveling in the time shortly after 9/11 but I am a pain in the ass to travel with.  Why? I follow the rules, I get there two hours before the flight etc. Now throw in a connecting flight or two and I become a royal pain in the ass!  

So we land in Philly to learn that we came in at the C Terminal and our connecting flight is departing from the F Terminal.  This involves taking a shuttle bus!  Bam stress level thru he roof!  Now here is a valuable travel tip, if one of youse is in wheel chair, it makes this part less stressful. As your entire party get preferential treatment. So now we head to the front of the line and make it to the F Terminal with 15-20 minutes to spare before we board.  Then it happens!  I see Tony Luke's and I have to have one.  No time for screwing around deciding what to get? We order at traditional size wit whiz, wit out (without onions), 7 minutes later we are hauling ass to the gate, and I have already chocked down my half of this delectable delight like I am Joey Chestnut, in food eatin contest, before I get to the Jetway!

So I also love small airports.  They are easy to navigate and less hassle. When you get to baggage your bags are there in a matter of minutes not what seems like hours.  The rental car counters are right behind baggage and the rental cars are in the parking garage outside the terminal. So we pick up the car and of all things our 2013 Chevy Impala has an Arizona license plate! Are ya kidding me?

We were fortunate to be introduced to Vickie and Peter Harris, who offered us the use of their lakeside cabin while we house h(a)unted.  This 760 sq ft cabin was awesome, and it even had wifi and cable! 

As I mentioned in my last post we have a short window to get things done. In fact, since I started at the Citizen on Friday , we really only had one day to find a home. Rhea took charge of the realtors!  And the third home we saw the h(a)unt wa over.  We jumped all over a Victorian that was built in 1900!  The home needs a little TLC and we are happy happy to provide that. And for all you idiots that said it's haunted. Nope, if a buyer asks, you have to disclose that sh*t!   We learned that from our realtor I. Auburn. The home is also located about 2 miles from my office...

So back to me being a pain In the ass to travel with.  We were flying out of Rochester, with a connecting flight in Philly, so we have turned in the rental car, checked our bags and we're  enjoying a bit of lunch. When I discovered that the inbound flight, that would be ou aircraft, was delayed and I went into royal pain in the ass mode. Then this arrived, smiled and then this conversation happened:

RW: Is that our plane?
JW: (looking over the top of my iPad) Yup
RW: I am not getting on a f*ckin prop plane
JW: (Not looking.up from my IPad) Technically babe, it's a turbo prop, and I don't think you have much of a choice!
Gate Agent: Now Boarding Zone 2

As I write this, on the plane back to Phoenix, I am trying to think of all that we need to accomplish in the next couple three days. Both the boy's their girlfriends, Kirk and Jen will be helping us load the uPack.  Well Jen is actually the supervisor.  I'm also grateful that Rhea's dad is going to make the journey with her in her car.  They will stop and spend some to time in a Greenwood, IN, while I go onto Auburn. Then when the delivery date of our belongings  and the time we take over the home on Perry Street gets closer she will join me in Auburn and her dad will go onto Boston.  

Oh I did manage to stumble upon AT Walley 7 Co., which is described as, a Martini and Cigar Bar  I will investigate further when I have more time but if this sign in the window is any indication Disneyland will no longer be the Happiiest Place on Earth for me! Well they do need some serious representation from House of Emilio, its an untapped market!

Until Next Time

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