Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Wild Ride Ends

As I mentioned in my last post.  Stay tuned its going to be a wild ride.  

Fortunately, during our trip to Auburn in the end of January,  we were able to find a house that we both fell in love with.  We moved into a 113 year old Victorian.  The home had been vacant for several months and as far as rent goes we got it for a steal. It is very different from the cookie cutter houses that Arizona is famous for.   

We arrived back in Arizona on Saturday night, and the fast and furious packing began.  It was during this moment that House of Emilio became the official cigar of cross country moves everywhere.

Monday we finished packing cleaned up the house for any prospective buyers and didn’t look back. I headed up to my mom’s and Rhea headed to the airport to pick up her Pop.  With Rhea’s health issues, she suffered a stroke in 2012 and suffers from TIA’s or mini strokes; he thought it best to have someone with her and our dog.

We pulled out Tuesday morning; the plan was to get as far east as Oklahoma City and stay ahead of winter storm that was hitting the Midwest and making its way to the Northeast . 
One of things I was sure to keep with me was my humidor.  So after a stop for a meal somewhere in Eastern Arizona this happened.

…and it was good.  

We had changed our route to stay towards the south to avoid this winter storm which nailed the Midwest.  I then tweeted that saying I was feeling a bit Nomadic.   Then somewhere in Arkansas, this happened

Then I ended up detouring 40 minutes the wrong direction.  

The final leg of the journey, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and NY I made solo.  Rhea stayed in Indiana until closer to the time the furniture arrived in Auburn.  O.K. i wasn't exactly alone, I had Rodrigo with me.  He was good company and kept relatively quiet for the rest of the journey.

Since arriving I have had the chance to enjoy ONLY one cigar.  I am currently in the process of stabilizing the humidor.  My Boveda packs are toast and I am waiting on an order to arrive that I placed thru Cigars International.

Gradually I have begun to check out the cigar scene here in Central New York and here’s what I discovered. There is a place here in town called A.T. Walley’s  who has a cigars for sale, but except twice a year, smoking is prohibited in the store.  The upside is that come summer you can enjoy your cigar outside when they set up their sidewalk café!

I did stumble upon D’Angelo Cigars in Waterloo, NY.  I asked about Boveda Packs, Carmen knows what they were and went as far as to say he had just ordered them but didn’t know when he would have them.  I explained to him my plight of keeping my humidor stable and he cut of a piece of teak wood. He told me to soak it in distilled water and place it on top of the cigars.  At this point I am having to call BS on this the grand experiment.   The conversation continued and I can say that this man is fascinating to speak with.  He is the owner of the D'Angelo Santana Plantation in Tamboril, Dominican Republic.  Upon leaving I was given one of his house blends, which are rolled in the shop in Waterloo.  This cigar, pictured with the teak wood, it is  described as a medium fill. Consisting of the following types of tobaccos Piloto Cubano, Cubano Seco, Single Long Leaf, San Vicente Ligeto Criollo, Criollo 98 Ligero, Criollo 98 Seco, Olor Ligero, Olor Seco, and Connecticut, Summatra, Marduro blended short fillers.  This will sit in the humidor until it gets some age on it and then I must remember to cut it with a guillotine cutter, which has disappeared, and not a punch.

I plan on getting to know Carmen D’Angelo some more and I am sure I will have some interesting stories to tell you. 

So until next time

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