Monday, November 19, 2012

Almost a Months worth of Catching up

It's 3:15am and all is well except for the fact I am up at 3:15am . So considering I haven't updated my blog in almost a month I figure what better time than now

I don't get it but whats with the trend of big ring gauges?  Anything over a 54 is just too large.

Here is the Rocky Patel Vintage Connecticut 1999 Sixty.  This little cigar is  is a 6 x 60 and is on the mild side and unfortunately I experienced some construction issues

When I smoke a cigar I like to do a little research.  My research primarily consists of the back story of the cigar and sometimes the manufacturer.  The CAO Concert is the second release since CAO was taken over by General Cigar. This is the CAO Concert Amp, which is a 5 1/2 x 48 and has a price point of under $7 a stick.

Brandon at Cigar King is a good friend and follows my twitter, @JRWeigand, he knows my palette and an often points out what is new in the humidor.  Here is the Oliveros Sun Grown Reserve Robusto. 

When Matt Booth was in town, I grabbed the Room 101 Daruma Sucio a 7 x 48,  Matt told me the best size in the line was the Mutante a 7 x 38, Damn it he was right! Well hell he should be after all he is the blender!

We interrupt this blog for an important message. CAR PORN! here is a 1958 Lister Corvette or is it.  I think it a Replica.

Trick or Treating was good to me this year.  I was gifted a Tatuaje Lil Drac from the 2012 Little Monster Series.  A 5 x 48 short torpedo, which is reminiscent of one of Dracula's fangs.

One of the hard to find cigars in the Roma Craft Line,  Very particular about who carries this brand.  I found them that Big Sticks Cigars in Mesa Arizona.  I started with the Intemperence Line.  The name Intemperance goes back  to the Temperenace Movement of the 19th century that saddled us with joyless years of prohibition in the United States. The branding is intended to draw attention to the modern temperance movement that  targets smoking tobacco in place of alcoholic beverages.

The Intemperance comes in two different wrappers. The first, called the EC XVIII, is an Ecuadorian Connecticut which eluded to the Temperance Movement’s origins in rural Connecticut and the 18th amendment that established prohibition.

The second is the BA XXI, a Brazil Arapiraca celebrating the ratification of the 21st amendment which repealed this experiment.


 I am really enjoying the Room 101 Brand Cigars, per Matt Booth this is NOT a boutique cigar, but a Salon Cigar.  Here is the Namakubi Papi Chulo at nice little 4 x 42.

Well be back after this short break.

And We're back it is now 9:42am and we just finished packing for our annual Thanksgiving trip to Maui.  After the year we've had we need this and need it bad.

Below is an La Palina El Diario Robusto, El Diario translates in English to “The Daily” that is fitting as this could become another go to cigar! I paired this with a Dogfish Head 60 Minute Ale. 

Not one to talk about house blends unless they are a good value stick for the money.  Recently Portofino's Cigars opened in Central Phoenix and I was given one of their house blends. Retailing for on $3.15 a stick I was pleasantly surprised with the burn, which did not require a touch up, the construction, and the blend itself.  If I am not mistaken this cigars was manufactured by the fine folks at Oliva

The week prior to the Big Smoke in Las Vegas is event season in the Phoenix Metro Area.  Among the festivities Cigar King hosted their 2nd annual Scottdale Cigar Week. While not part of Scottsdale Cigar Week earlier this month I was able to spend some time with Glen Case at Ambassador Fine Cigars in Peoria.  Glen in the  the man behind Kristoff Cigar. Once you meet Glen he becomes well Glen.

The cigar chosen for this event was the Original Kristoff Maduro. 

When there are so many shops for you to chose from, you almost set a goal of trying to find something you havent seen anywhere else.  While visiting with Jimmy, the proprietor of Scottsdale Cigars and Gift, I stumbled upon the Murcielago, which means bat,  from Espinosa and Ortega.  This is a fine collaberation from my friend Eddie Ortega, Erik Espinosa, and Don Pepin Garcia.  There was some construction issue which I blame on the stores humidor but otherwise enjoyable.

I have begun to ramp up for Maui, by picking up six packs my favorite Hawaiian Brewery, the Kona Brewing Company.  This week I paired a Camacho Jamastran Gigante which was well just genius.The Camacho Corojo Gigante  fat cigar with an oily wrapper. It draws very easily and was enjoyed on a cool crisp day in the PHX

The 262 Line of Cigars is becoming one of my favorite boutique cigar.  I  picked up this 262 Ideology Box Pressed Toro when Clint Aaron was in town.  The Story behind this cigar is awesome,  from the 262 Website each cigar in the 262 line refers to the American Revolution or our Constitutional right.  Heres what Clint says about the Ideology
The passion to create great cigars. The fortitude to transcend the opposition. The resolve to smoke free. The collection of beliefs and doctrines the guide our thoughts, words and actions. Our Ideologies are what make us who we are. They’re often shaped by our parents, friends, or heroes and often change or grow throughout our lifetimes due to new experiences and insights. Whatever your Ideology was 5, 10, 15 years ago, as a cigar lover, you now know that those in power will exploit any opportunity to gain more control over our daily lives…and you know that it is wrong.
At 262, we believe as our country’s founders did; that our government should never be allowed to hold our God-given rights and liberties hostage in the name of “progress”. We believe it’s long past time to take back control of our own lives and be the creators of our own prosperity

A Final thought,  Getting Old SUCKS, here I am 46 years old sitting out on the Hillbilly Hilton (tm)
reading, watching TV while enjoying a cigar and I am wearing a sweater and reading glasses.

Off to Maui tomorrow morning at 9am,  I am looking forward to vistiting  Sir Wilfreds Coffee and Cigars in Lahaina during the trip.
Until then Aloha, Mahalo, Keep A Tight Ash

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