Monday, November 26, 2012

Herfing Island Style!

As our annual vacation comes to a close, we have one more night, I am going to reflect on a quest.  A quests to find a cigar or cigars at or even close to the MSRP!  Ok disclaimer Hawai'i has a 40% wholesale tax and taxes the hell out of tobacco products.

I began this quest on Tuesday at the Wailea Gift Shop here at the hotel. Let's just say their prices were ridiculous and the selection was miniscule. I had two choices a Cohiba Crystal Corona Tube for $26.99 and a Macanudo Cafe Crystal Tubes That was just under $16.99.

Last night Rhea and I had our 3rd anniversary dinner a Humuhumnukunukuapua'a (little fish big name) and they had the Arturo Fuente Short Story as their featured Cigar. Yup $18 for a Cigar that normally hovers around the $6 range.

The ABC Store, essentially a hawaiian convenience store, has a small selection of cigars.  What intrigued me  was the Kauai Cigar Company that filled the stores "Humidor." The Humidor is basically what amounts to a desktop humidor.

I inquired about the two cigars they were offering the response I got was one is light the other is dark.  OK I can live with the fact your are not a tobacconist, what my research indicated is that the Kauai cigars are the result of growing, curing, fermenting, and aging, on Kauai, some of the finest tobacco in the world. The filler cigars contain premium, all natural, Sun Grown Kauai Tobacco.

The light cigaar  tobacco is wrapped in a Connecticut shade leaf grown in Ecuador. This cigar is described as a silky cream like cigar has a medium to full bodied taste.

The dark wrapped is a Habano leaf grown in Nicaragua. It is a full bodied smoke and is filled with deep complex flavors. 

The seed actually an Old Generation  Pinar del Rio and the cigars are rolled in Nicaragua. Single sticks retail for $13.40 and they area also avaialble in a 3 pack and a sampler pack containing 6 cigars for $99.The Vitola's even have Hawaiian names.  Below is the Momona, which at a 50 x 5 3/4 is esentially Robusto.

Yesterday, we made our way to Lahaina and I literally stumbled into Sir Wilfred's. I learned that  the name of the store, was inspired by the character “Sir Wilfred” in Agathie Christie’s “Witness for the Prosecution”. Sir Wilfred liked to drank cognac and smoked cigars.

The original store had Maui’s first walk-in cigar humidor, tobacco, pipes, and accessories. Not being able to survive, selling only tobacco, pipes, cigars and accessories, they decided to add coffee and tea.  Today the store has three large wall humidors contain cigars in every price range, from the names we all know and love.

I picked up two of the Big Kahuna, Sir Wilfred’s signature cigar, and is is a hand-rolled premium cigar made from Honduran filler and binder, a Connecticut wrapper and rolled in the Camacho Factory.  I picked up two their corona's at $4.99 a piece! 

Couple of we realized two things
1. we had a convertable and
2. It was a 45 mile drive back to the hotel.
Disclaimer, I smoked the lighter of the two on the ride home. This was an OK cigar on the mild side and not overly complex. I did not exeperience any construction issues and the burn was fairly even and did not require any touch ups.

I am totally up for this? Are you?


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